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PictureImp: Just Drop It!

PictureImp is the world's first "Zero-Click" web image download software. As you browse web pages, it sits in the system tray and waits until you bring it up. When you do so, it pops up a small semi-transparent basket. The basket is floating over the page and you can drag any web image and drop it into this basket in much the same way as you would drop a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine into the trolley in the physical supermarket. Thatís pretty much you need to do! Thereís no need to make any clicks and go through dialogs. JUST DROP IT!

Please, for more information visit How It Works or FAQ.

What's New

Neltem is pleased to announce PictureImp 2.0.0, the world's first "Zero-Click" web image downloader.

What's new in this version?
November, 12 2007


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